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Our email collection was taken to the next level when we began using Zippy Engage.

It is a remarkably useful software which allowed us to create more engaged relationships with our audience. We would definitely recommend this to any business owner whose website is a key component of their customer acquisition strategy!

Engage and Delight Visitors In 3 Easy Steps

Advanced Targeting

Create Engagements

Use a template or build your own. We make it very simple—and fast.

Unlimited Engagements

Choose Your Audience

Use our highly refined targeting tools to target your visitors.

Unlimited Deliveries

Make a Connection

Start delivering your engagement. See the results as they happen.

Zippy Engage Can Help Any Website Thrive.
Here's How:

Engage Visitors With Content They Want

Engage Your Visitors
With Content They Want

What if you could easily increase the amount of time people spend on your site?

With Engage, you can in just a few minutes using targeted content recommendations.

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Deliver Exclusive Opportunities To Fans

Deliver Exclusive Opportunities To Fans

Stop broadcasting to uninterested strangers. Start speaking directly to your biggest fans.

Engage helps you know who is who with our laser-like audience targeting.

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Generate More Sales, From Traffic You Already Have

Generate More Sales, From Traffic You Already Have

Increase conversion rates immediately by sending finely-crafted engagements to interested visitors.

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Deliver great Support,
24 Hours a Day

Even the best support teams need to sleep.
With Zippy Engage, their knowledge doesn't have to.

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Just the FAQs, Ma'am

How much does Zippy Engage cost?

You can get started for free! Seriously. Try out Zippy Engage at your own pace, and ramp up based on your needs. Click here to sign up, it only takes a minute.

Help! This all looks great, but I don't know what type of engagement to create. What should I do?

We're here to help. Our support team has been trained to analyze your website and online presence to suggest the most impactful engagements possible. On top of that, we provide ready-to-use Engagement Templates that allow you to be up and running in seconds.

Can I customize the engagements that get delivered?

Yep. Engagements can be tailored to match your branding and design. You can even include the prettiest picture of yourself that you have.

Does Zippy Engage work on mobile?

We're guessing you're not on your phone, but if you were, you'd already know that Zippy Engage works flawlessly on mobile devices :) If you want to see the primo mobile experience for yourself, visit this page on your phone.

Can I use this on my WordPress website?

Yes, absolutely! We make this super easy to do. You can install our WordPress plugin to do it get up and running in as few clicks as possible, or manually install our javascript snippet if that's more your jam.

Can I use this on my website hosted on Shopify, Squarespace, BlueHost, Weebly, WP Engine, the server running in my friend Barry's lab?

Yes, again! If you can add a javascript snippet to your site, you can use Zippy Engage. Our friendly documentation will show you how. If you're afeared of meddling with code, send us an email and we'd be thrilled to install it for you.

Is Zippy Engage a bot?

A little bit. Technically, there is no tiny robot hamster talking to your visitors. You create the engagements, and we automatically send it to anyone who fits the audience profile you define.

Can I chat with my visitors while they're on my site?

We've intentionally decided to not offer a chat at this time. For most businesses we've worked with, having a chat that isn't staffed 24 hours a day leads to unhappy customers—so we've built something that can be available whenever your visitors need.

I'm on the fence, can I see one more awesome example?

Yeah, but you have to keep it a secret. Seriously, shhhh. We're only going to share it with you because you made it all the way to the end of the page, and we think that's pretty awesome. Click here for one last sneak peak.

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